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What we do

  • We connect and train the practicing journalists to promote the professional quality with new thinking and to discover future leaders and young talents in the news media to explore future of journalism.
  • We work to create better working environment for media professionals including for the protection of their right to know, right to speak and express.
  • We strive to make media a tool to strengthen citizen’s participation in the governance and advocate for good governance to foster more inclusive governance.
  • We conduct programs, by training journalists and media people, to ensure free and fair elections to strengthen democracy in the country.
  • We encourage journalists to cover issues of fiscal federalism, budget, taxation and overall public finance management (PFM), national and local development and other cross-cutting issues like agriculture, trade, industry and environment which are directly related with the lives and livelihoods of the people.
  • We provide fellowships, based on capacity and availability of funding, to the journalists to report the unreported stories of federal, provincial and local governments, economic development, elections, human security, labor migration and other issues.
  • We encourage and prepare journalists to ensure that no one is left behind in the media coverage and that media gives space to the voices of people of every race, ethnicity, gender, political faith, geography and class.
  • We conduct media research on media, governance, socio-economic and development issues, issues related to federalism, local governance,   international relations and geopolitics, human security and migration, agriculture and climate change issues and disseminate the findings through the media outlets.