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  • As a non-partisan legal body, main objective of AMF Nepal is to promote inclusive journalism that calls for justice and to strive to meet the highest standards of media accuracy, balance, fairness and accountability.
  • To promote diverse, dynamic and free media and develop it as a vehicle to promote ethical politics, good governance, transparency, accountability, equitable economics and active people’s participation to foster healthy public debate, diversity of thoughts, free exchange of ideas and promote creative and responsive information society and strengthen citizen’s participation in the governance.
  • To nurture leadership quality in young talents, cub and working journalists through training, media exchanges, fellowships and interaction with the different spheres of government, socio-economic and development experts and the society putting the communication at the heart of development, social justice and governance.
  • To conduct media research discovering new thinking trend and best practices to promote innovation and change presenting evidence and findings from the field works.